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QQ for Mac

QQ for MacInternational 1.1

Complete IM client with cute design and great features

QQ Messenger may not sound familiar, but it's the most popular IM client in China.When you think about IM clients, the first names that come to your head are MSN Messenger, Adium and the likes. But have you ever heard of QQ for Mac?With more than...
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  • by Anonymous

    Can't even find my own ID let alone anyone else and no English to fix it!. So far it is pathetic! Can't even find my own ID let alone anyone else! Everything was in Chinese so I trashed it and searched for an English version. Led me to this version. If you look above at top for language select- NO ENGLISH! I stick with pathetic on this one! Search continues...

  • by Anonymous

    QQ for Mac. I have used this to maintain contact with my Chinese students since teaching there last year. The lack of a video/audio combined function on the Mac version really limits its usage as a tool for teaching a foreign language. The PC version has the annoying featured of repeatedly cutting out.. QQ is so widely used among Chinese young people both there and in the the UK. I cannot understaMore